Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, what's your goals?

Ok...so I have that 365 thing going on over there and I thought...well heck let's all say ONE goal, something we really want to accomplish ths year, and might need some help with, when we find ourselves at a crossroads of success or failure. It's sad,we often set our self up to fail, before we even begin, I am no better. I am usually writing a list of excuses why I can't cheat or bail before the gun has even gone off. It's just too hard, but I have come learn...my 30's have made me very wise :)... Anything worth doing or having is DAMN hard work. You appreciate it so much more when the goal is achieved and you kne YOU are the soul reason it was accomplished!! So my friends...What is something you want to accomplish in 2012? My Goal: Get my house organized and stop justifying why a junk closet in every room is acceptable :).


  1. I need to lose weight...but get derailed by stress...which I am constantly under.

  2. Okay, I have two:

    1) big time fitness and nutrition goals this year, what with my wedding being in 7 months

    2) saving ALL of my change. Loonies, toonies, everything. All of it goes in a jar.

    I'll let you know how this all goes :D haha

  3. Good luck girls!! Let's help each other!!

  4. Im cleaning up our diet. Not so much takeaway and many more wholesome meals.