Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FUDE for thought...

We recently went to FUDE resturant in Osborne Village. I love the Village, so just being there the resturant was already in bonus point range! I was so excited, dinner @ 8pm, like real adults at a resturant that doesnt offer a kids menu with crayons!! Only to be disappointed, we all had to pre order, so we scrolled the online menu, to find everything a little pricey, but I hear it's worth it. So I choose Tapas so Kevin and I can try a few great items and rally get a feel for the food. I love Tapas for that reason! So, nearly every couple, if not all had to re look at the menu, due to items no longer being offered. If you are going to insist on pre ordering...ensure your web menus are up to date! So ok, no biggie re ordered. Out comes our Crostini salads, general opinion at the table who had this salad was... It was heavily dressed and kinda gross! Next came our substituted item, Soup of the Sea, wanted toba'chetta. Soup was Delish, good value for the amount of "sea" in each bowl. Ok back on track, out comes the tapas...can't wait! First our Pickerel cakes...there is only 3, since when is 3 a tapas number? Try them...Yummy! Too bad there is only 3 :). Next we try the signature dish, the birthday boy has been raving about the Chili Chocolate Chicken, so we try it....meh...kinda dry, don't really get the hoopla!! Not only was the food over priced for the portion sizes, the drink prices are kinda crazy! 4 drinks was nearly $40, are you kidding? This is not NYC :) Also, don't love that you pre tip my bill at 18%, but it worked out for us, because we usually tip better than that!! So, would I choose FUDE again...NO, but if another celebration was hosted there, I would give it a second chance. There is my FUDE for thought!

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  1. Good review! I always see that sign when I drive through the Village and wonder what it's like.