Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13th Birthday Extravaganza!!

So my sweet Katrina will trade in her pre teens years and collect her I am a teen badge, in just over a week. This Friday night, My house will play host to 9 girls for Katrina's 13th Extravaganza!! We will be doing a Mall Scavenger Hunt, so fun!! My my favorite bonus hunt question... What hot beverage store, serves a London Fog, find it and bring back a napkin with the price of an extra large written on it. So fun...this is just a glimpse of what the questions for the hunt will be like. After that, we will head back to our house for pizza and a cookie cake tht looks like a pizza...YummY!! Then as traditions go, the girls will watch movies, this years movies of choice; 13 going on 30 and Monte Carlo. The swag bags are ready...the bag, i love! Stuff inside, meh...not my favorite but I did as requested, went to Ardenes and bought surprise bags to spit among the girls with added fillers. Swag bags are usually my thing, the reason why I do what I do, when it ones to a party...this kid getting older,and wanting more control thing...I don't like it :). I found these fabulous Barbie enviro bags to house the swag, they say "everything is fabulous in pink"... I totally agree Barbie! The prizes for the winning team of the Scavenger hunt are DVD's, each one is one of Katrina's favorite movies. Titles include: The Notebook, 13 going on 30, 17 Again an Cinderella Story. I can't wait for the party!! Seeing Katrina's face light up as the whole evening unfolds makes it all worth it!! Welcome to your teens my sweet baby girl!! I love you xoxo


  1. Oh my goodness, it is starting! Happt birthday to Katrina, and hopefully a smooth couple of years for Mama!
    The party sounds great, can't wait to see pictures!

  2. sounds like fun...Lauren is super pumped about it!