Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project 365...

Ok...let me strip this down to reality for you and me... Project 365, I gather is the list of 365 things I want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I have scanned the other ladies blogs who are taking part in this and it is not limited to just creative goals...which is a bonus for me cause I had a hard time get 4 a month done last year, creatively speaking. So I basically need to accomplish 30 things a month, which is everyday...like everyday. I already checked, getting up doesn't count :). So, I kinda am a person who procrastinates, my first goal will be to procrastinate less! Wow, easy only 364 more to go!! I want to finish my Disney/Florida trip of 08, finish Vegas 09, start Niagara Falls 10, complete Florida 11 and do my own book of Nashville for myself. I already did one as a Christmas gift for my MIL. First book I have ever completed in TEN years, I think. Also want to complete my 2011 smash book and stay up to date on my Smash book of 2012. I would like to make it to crop or scrap night once a month, minus the summer. I would like to make more mini albums. I would like to take a Dear Lizzy on- line class. I want to loose 15 more lbs and not gain them all bak during December, which seems to be the reoccurring habit! I want to organize every room in my house...I get it... Pace myself. I want to take a photography class. I want to be a better friend. I want to say NO, and not feel bad. I want to be less angry over things I can't control and accept the choices I have made. I want to stay connected with people but with less Facebook. I realize this is far from 365 but...I'll get there and will update with pictures. I hope ths thing starts realizing I do have stored files :). Oh also ...want to make my blog better, with buttons and try to make an entry tale at every other day!!


  1. Wha? Wait. Huh? Where can I find info on this Project 365? Sounds like a good plan. Oh and being a better friend doesn't really need to be on your list. You are already Fabu! But I get your meaning!

  2. I love you Corrie! Nik and Deena are both doing it!! I think Deena started it... Her blog link is on her welcome to the block post. It's motivation and you post your progress so you are accountable. Yay...I need that!