Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working on my 365 -- organize stuff

Well, I have began organizing things in my home and life, redid KC's room, check! Cleaned Chloe's room last night....again. Check! Cleaned out the dreaded powder room, cupboard and drawers ... Check! I finally bit the bullet, I have not even given this area a second serious thought, except when I am jamming more into it, in the ( insert, bow head in embarrassment) GULP... Nearly seven years since we moved in here. Life has just been to busy, sure glad we are slowing it down and get stuff done :). My hubby will be shocked, my kids will want to know where their mom's gone and what have I done with her. I'm a pretty tidy person, messes often cause me to have unwanted stress, but there are three things apparently didn't get that memo...my room, my laundry room and the powder room cupboards...lol. So here's to a great Tuesday Everyone...remember in the fight to get organized and declutter, it only takes one drawer at a time :)


  1. There is an award for you on my blog :)