Monday, February 27, 2012

Very Exciting Week...

We have so many things to look forward to this week... I have been looking forward to this week since September when I bought the tickets.
So June we got an NHL hockey team, once again, for those who don't know. The tickets sold out in mere seconds, tickets are hard to get and when you can, dig deep my friend... So I dug and dug and pulled out ... Gulp... $600, purchased 4 tickets and gave them (well Santa did..) to my family for Christmas... Well the game day has finally arrived... Thursday March 1st we will be enjoying our first, perhaps only,Jets games as a family!! Yahoo! Also to add to our excitment, I get two date night this weekend!! First Celebrations dinner theatre on Friday and MTC on Saturday.. I have to be quite honest, I often fall asleep during the plays, last one was Shirley Valentine, very funny-- did not fall asleep, but this next one is about when women get the right to vote... Doesn't start until 8:30... It's not looking good.. I should bring a hanky incase I droll, sometimes when I sleep I do that :) Hee Hee! At least I am not the snorer in the row in front of me... I sleep Last but very not least ... Wednesday kicks off my week of fun, my first casserole exchange... I'm very nervous... What if they don't like it, oh gosh what if there is a hair in my casserole... I wore my hair back and everything but gosh, that is my biggest fear when I have company over or bring a dish... So I say a little prayer... Dear Lord, please let my casseroles be hair free & tasty... Thanks for everything!! On that note... Have a great Monday :)

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  1. YAY! Have a great time and go Jets go!!!